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Get Your Attitude Right, by Tim Stafford
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Faith in the Workplace

                                  GET YOUR RIGHT ATTITUDE

Earlier this year, I went through a time of great
frustration in my job. It was partly due to
fatigue, I think. We'd had some deaths in my
family, which left me worn down. And then I went
through a patch where nothing I did seemed right.
I proposed projects which got shot down, and when
I wrote on assignment, editors scraped away at my
prose until only scraps were left. That's normal,
part of the process, but I felt frustrated and unappreciated.

I had to go back and relearn the right attitudes.

I need the right attitude to work hour to hour and long term.

Hour by hour, it's simple: do the work. I had to
stick my rear in my chair and not get up until I
had finished a major chunk of work. That meant
resisting distractions from phone calls and emails and news reports.

If you don't stick to it hour to hour, your
discouragement will build. But if you work hard
in the short term, you'll accomplish something.
You'll find the work itself meaningful ­ and
there's a good possibility your failures will turn around. That happened to me.

Long term, I had to remember why I was working in
the first place. I had to believe in my vocation
all over again. In the deepest sense, I needed to
know that I do the work because God wants me to do it.

Why are you in your job? Maybe you're there to
fulfill a special gift. Maybe you're there to
make a living for your family. Maybe you're there
because the work needs to be done for the good of
society. To overcome discouragement, you need an
attitude that takes the focus off your sense of
frustration. You need to remember why your work
is valid. You need to remember that God is behind it.

Both these attitudes, long term and short term,
reflect what Paul wrote to the Philippians: "Your
attitude should be the same as that of Christ
Jesus." He goes on to describe how Jesus became a
humble servant, obedient even to the point of death (Phil. 2:5-8).

Hour by hour, a servant's focus is very limited.
Servants listen for directions, and they do
exactly what their boss expects. In the longer
term, servants know why they are working: because
they have a master who has called them to service.

We are meant to be servants of God.

Listen to your Boss, he'll tell you what to do.
Believe in your vocation because you know who
called you to it. And do your work because God is behind it.

                      Shared by Joe Gatuslao
                      Bacolod City, Philippines
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Eustress and Distress - Difference?

This is nice para sa mga overworked !

O, bakit ka na naman na-i-istress? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Meron ka bang deadline na i-bi-beat ngayong araw na ito?

It's important to understand stress before we can effectively manage it

kaya Stress ang pag-uusapan natin ngayon.

Ayon sa mga scientists mayroong dalawang uri ng stress.

Eustress and Distress.

Eustress is positive stress. Ito ang nararamdaman ng isang dalaga

kapag dumarating na ang kanyang manliligaw at may daladalang flowers.

Eustress din ang tawag sa stress na nararanasan ng mga nagwo- work-out

when they are doing their exercises.

Ang mga athletes, pagkatapos na ma-stress ang kanilang muscles,

they rest para ma-repair ang kanilang muscles.

Kapag hindi sila nagpahinga, the stressed muscles will be injured.

When injury happens, yan ang distress.

Distress is the negative side of stress.

Nakakaramdam ka na ng sakit ng ulo, pagsakit ng tiyan,

hindi na makatulog, di pa makakain.

Distress ang uri ng stress na nagreresulta sa kung ano-anong sakit

tulad ng hypertension, minsan nga ay emotional breakdown pa.

Ano ba ang pwede nating gawin para ang stress natin ay hindi maging distress? Famous author and inspirational speaker,

Dr. John Maxwell has the following suggestions:

Don't be overly sensitive to criticism.

Tanggapin na natin ang katotohanang hindi natin kayang i-please ang lahat ng tao.

Talagang mayroong hindi aayon sa iyo kahit na napaka-noble

ng iyong mga intentions and motives.

So when you receive criticisms, take it constructively kung sensible ang criticism.

If  you think the criticism is not objective, huwag na lang pansinin at ng hindi ka ma-distress.

Don't take too much pride in your achievements.

Ang pride ay parang uling, ginagatungan niyan ang distress.

Ang taong proud ay mas lalong nadi-distress dahil masyado niyang iniingatan

ang kanyang achievement at accomplishment.

Minsan nga our achievements hinder us from growing and learning

kasi sinasabi natin sa ating sarili, aba may na-accomplish na ko.

Mas mahusay ako kaysa sa iba, hindi na nila ko pwedeng turuan.

Ang lungkot ng buhay kapag naging ganyan ang attitude natin.

Don't harbor jealousy over the achievement of others.

Ang taong mainggitin madalas ding madistress,

kasi nga totoo namang mayroong mas higit kaysa sa atin.

Natural ang iba ay maaaring magkaroon ng achievements na wala tayo di ba.

Instead of being jealous or envious,

let's learn to rejoice in the successes of others.

Malay mo malibre ka pa bogchi dahil nakikigalak ka sa kanilang tagumpay, di ba?

Don't focus on your weaknesses and inadequacies.

Ang sugat kapag mas lalo mong ginalaw mas lalong lalala at baka maimpeksyon.

The more you focus on your weaknesses and inadequacies

the bigger the tendency of wallowing in self-pity.

While it is important to acknowledge your inadequacies,

it is helpful to  focus on your strengths and capabilities.

One effective way of fighting distress is by counting our blessings - the good things which life brings.

When we have grateful hearts,

we will always be reminded that we are too blessed to be stressed!

Someone wrote that

"The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor.

The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything."



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