Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Hate My Job ... Just when I needed it the most....


You hate your job. You’re thinking of quitting.

You are not happy and you find that you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning so you can go to work. If this is your situation then today’s message is for you.


Having a job you hate is never easy but sometimes you just need to grin and bear it until you have another gig lined up. Here are some productive things you may want to do:



Your daily morning ritual is extremely important. Start with being positive by doing something positive. Go to bed early and wake up early so you will have time to start the day with quiet meditation. A word of prayer. You may want to set your alarm to play upbeat or classical music, have a wonderful sip of coffee and read a section of an inspirational book and when you improve your mornings, you will be surprised at how this can do wonders for the rest of your day. Going into a job you hate will be worse if you get to the office feeling rushed, stressed and frazzled. Set aside some moments of solitude each morning.



It is not true that everything about your job stinks. You are not working in the sewage are you? Do not exaggerate. There will always be something out there in your work life that will make you happy. So make weekly goals to help you achieve those goals.

But be careful with your daily goals too. Do one thing each day to help you reach your goals. Do not be too obsessed with crossing all your items off your “To-do-list” every day because this will frustrate you.

Sometimes it is easier to make it to 5 o’clock when you can keep your eye on the prize.

When you get up in the morning, set a daily objective for yourself and make sure you achieve it. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you feeling good about your progress.



You may not love your job for the moment but do not rot. Use your time to learn new skills. This way you are putting in you more value and worth and preparing yourself to be a better candidate down the road. Attend your company training courses, learn something new on your computer. Read books. Listen to tapes during lunch. Turn this job that you hate into an opportunity for personal growth and improvement.



Your problems and challenges become bigger than life when you are weak and unhealthy. So go to the gym. Run. Take a nice long walk. Put these activities in your schedule so that will have something to look forward to every day.



Fine little ways of treating yourself. Celebrate your victories. You beat the deadline. Your boss compliments you. Find out what makes you feel better inside, no matter what is going on outside. Plan out your next vacation. Join a small group. I know so many young people who are involved with Bible study groups and they really look forward to their weekly meetings. I guess here they all meet together and pray that God be merciful with their bosses. (joke….don’t take me seriously here…..)



It doesn’t matter whether you like your job or you hate it. You must make it your goal to go to the next level and excel in what you do. Never for a moment think that just because you are employed you are working for somebody else. Your current accomplishments will be your equipment in future opportunities.



Do not let your unhappiness in your job destroy your relationship with people. Maintain your contacts and keep your relationships positive. And this included the boss you love to hate. Realize that this too shall pass. Keep your chin up and be a professional.

If you are faithful in the small things then big things are bound to come.

Helen Keller says: “Keep your face in the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.”

Believe me, there is sunshine even in your cubicle.


And by the way, attend my seminars too.


Francis Kong

Friday, September 4, 2009

To All my Friends....

 1.To My Friends Who Are...........SINGLE

Love is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts, but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best.

2.To My Friends Who Are............NOT SO SINGLE
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person." It's about finding someone
who helps you become the best person you can be.

3.To My Friends Who Are............PLAYBOY/GIRL TYPE
Never say "I love you"
if you don't care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't there. Never touch a life if you mean to break a heart. Never look in the eye when all you do is lie. The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn't intend to catch her fall and it works both ways...

4.To My Friends Who Are............MARRIED
Love is not about "it's your fault", but "I'm sorry." Not "where are you", but "I'm right here." Not "how could you", but "I understand." Not "I wish you were", but "I'm thankful you are."

5.To My Friends Who Are............ENGAGED
The true measure of compatibility is not the years spent together but how good you are for each other.

6.To My Friends Who Are............HEARTBROKEN Heartbreaks last as long as you want and cut as deep as you allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

7.To My Friends Who Are............NAIVE
How to be in love: Fall but don't stumble, be consistent but not too persistent, share and never be unfair, understand and try not to demand, and get hurt but never keep the pain.

8.To My Friends Who Are............POSSESSIVE
It breaks your heart to see the one you love happy with someone else but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.

9.To My Friends Who Are............AFRAID TO CONFESS
Love hurts when you break up with someone. It hurts even more when someone breaks up with you. But love hurts the most when the person you love has no idea how you feel.


10.To My Friends Who Are............STILL HOLDING ON
A sad thing about life is when you meet someone and fall in love, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and that you have wasted years on someone who wasn't worth it. If he isn't worth it now he's not going to be worth it a year or 10 years from now. Let go.....

My wish for you is a man/women whose love is honest, strong, mature , never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging, rewarding and unselfish.

Because, "Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud. Love does not demand it's own way, it's not irritable or touchy. So faith , hope and love remain, these three, the greatest of these is Love." 1 Cor. 13   



Psalm for Guidance and Protection (Psalm 25)

This is one of the Bible Passages that I have cherished and prayed everyday during the difficult moments in life…..


To you, O Lord, I offer my prayer;

in You, my God, I trust.

Save me from the shame of defeat;

don’t let my enemies gloat over me!

Defeat does not come to those who trust in You,

but those who are quick to rebel against You.


Teach me Your ways, O Lord;

make them known to me.

Teach me to live according to Your truth,

for You are my God, who saves me.

I always TRUST  in YOU.


Remember, O Lord, Your kindness and constant love

which You have shown from long ago.

Forgive the sins and errors of my youth.

In Your constant love and goodness,

remember me, Lord!


Because the Lord is righteous and good,

He teaches sinners the path they should follow.

He leads the humble in the right way

and teaches them His will.

With faithfulness and love He leads

all who keep His covenant and obey His commands.


Keep Your promise, Lord, and

forgive my sins, for they are many.

Those who have reverence for the Lord

will learn from Him the path they should follow.

They will always be prosperous, and

their children will possess the land.

The Lord is the friend of those who obey Him

and He affirms His covenant with them.


I look to the Lord for help at all times,

and He rescues me from danger.

Turn to me, Lord, and be merciful to me,

because I am lonely and weak.

Relieve me of my worries

and save me from all my troubles.

Consider my distress and suffering

and forgive all my sins.


See how many enemies I have;

see how much they hate me.

Protect me and save me; keep me from defeat.

I come to You for safety.

May my goodness and honesty preserve me,

because I trust in you.



True Friendship...

True Friendship Has Many Ingredients


True friendship isn’t seen with the eyes;

it is felt with the heart when there is trust,

understanding, secrets, loyalty, and sharing.


Friendship is a feeling rarely found in life,

but when It is found it has a profound impact

on one’s well-being, strength, and character.


A true friendship does not need

elaborate gifts or spectacular events

in order to be valuable or valued.


To ensure long-lasting quality and satisfaction,

a friendship only needs certain key ingredients:

undying loyalty,

unmatched understanding,

unsurpassed trust,

deep and soulful secrets,

and endless sharing.


These ingredients, mixed with personality

and  a sense of humor,

can make friendship last a lifetime.



Sonya Williams





Broken Places


I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken -- and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.

Margaret Mitchell