Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 My Firsts....

So many things had happened in my life this year.... So many firsts moments.
First airplane ride to CDO (which is also the first province I had visited in Mindanao).
First time to have experienced rapelling, water rafting, went to Camiguin. ride the ferry with a vehicle.
First time to be promoted as a team leader and become part of management (hirap but enjoying it).
First solo photo with brother Bo and the first revisit of The Feast after a very long time.
First International Trip to Hong Kong for the first exchange program I experienced. Syempre first International plane ride.
Firs time to do snorkeling. Ang saya... ganda talaga ng nature..
So many firsts this year and God loves me so much.
For all the storms I had experienced in my life, God continues to bless me.... Thanks Daddy G.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Decisions are inevitable. In our everyday life, choices are made.


If I make the right decision, then I am blessed because I have gained wisdom. If I make the wrong choice, then I am still blessed because I have been given an opportunity to learn.


Failure is avoidable by not taking action or not making any decision.


If I let myself fail, then I am letting myself grow.
apd 09/29/2008