Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hot Mint Green Tea

Another week in Abu Dhabi and I survived the tremendous work load and pressure in the office by myself. It was quite a challenge doing everything on your own and being left alone in the office. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn new things in UAE.

Let me share with you the experience I had and things I have learned recently (most of these I knew already but I was just reminded by).

First, There are some people or circumstance that will never change no matter what.
Have you experience being or working with a person and you just couldn't stand them. You just hate their guts and wish that they be thrown away in some limbo then remain there for eternity? Well, I keep experiencing working with such high maintenance people. Probably I keep attracting them as I am high maintenance myself, hahaha. If the Law of Attraction is true then indeed I might be attracting these people in my life because these are people I am trying to avoid. And whether I complain and throw the stress ball on the wall imagining their faces on the target, it will not change anything. Such people will remain who they are because they probably choose to. And if this will be the case, what should I do then? Mope, cry, or get myself so frustrated until I loose all my hair! While thinking about it, I just remembered a quote from John Maxwell, "your problem is not your problem, your problem is your attitude, change them and it will solve your problem." He's probably right. I will just need to accept the hard fact that there are people who would remain difficult probably they chose to or because they have not understood themselves deeper enough to help themselves become better individuals. Important thing is to try to control my own emotions and reactions and not to let their negativity get into my system.

Second, Crying relieves stress and cleanses your eyes.
The past week that I have been by myself, I cried like a toddler for three consecutive days. The stress was up to my neck and everything wants to be attended to all at the same time. I was able to do most but not all. Hey, the last time I checked I am still human and I can only do most what the human mind and body can accomplish. So at the end of the day, when my boss had left the office already, I let myself cry and scream a little while typing my costings and emails to my clients. I still need to multi-task you know - while doing the art of crying, I was also doing the art of typing. I heard Chin Chin Gutierrez mentioned in her interview once that crying cleanses the soul. And it did help me cope with the challenging workload and felt relieved. It might have helped in cleansing my contacts as well, hehe. Nevertheless, it was all good experience. Once in a while I just needed to raise my left hand with the white flag while my right hand continues on writing my to do list for the following day.

Third, Pain is something you need to deal with and learn that it will fade away in time.
I had my hot green tea accidentally spilt on my left foot this week. The burning sensation was unbearable at first. It was painful that it bothered me through the night. But I just made sure that I put some ointment on it and let it heal on its own time. Guess, it's just like the emotional pain I have experienced (still experiencing) in my life. It is painful and it bothers you every time you think about it. Well, all of us go through such painful moments at some point in our lives, right? But the important thing is we acknowledge the pain, put some ointment and let time do its
wonders of healing.

It was an indeed exhausting week and I look forward to another week of challenge. At the end of tiring day, all you can do is relax and try to think of the good things in life. For me, I relax my mind with a cup of my hot mint green tea and a short talk with God, thanking Him for the day that pass and asking him to help me get through another one tomorrow.

Josh / 02-Apr-2010

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