Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another X with the B

Last day of work for this week. I am definitely exhausted with all the calls, client inquiries and coordination of booked shipments. I have stayed late in the office for these past few days trying to accomplish what seems to be an endless tasks of documentation and coordination.
Then I received all the comments from the jobs I have handled this week and I was so happy to see the rating of 10 from all three clients. I felt so accomplished that I have served this clients' requirements and they have appreciated my efforts. We told our boss during lunch about the high ratings we have received on the recent jobs we had.
We were expecting that we would receive positive comments then Alas! We heard the most inspiring words from him "That is not a great achievement at all." It was really disappointing to hear such comments. It just seems he did not appreciate the efforts that we have put through with our work. It then hit me, the B is probably a newbee in the management world. Then again, he just probably does not know how to motivate his staff.
I was quite disappointed but hey, it's not really a big deal. What is more important is I had provided our clients the best service I can extend and it was quite fulfilling. Probably someday, the B would recognize our efforts or would figure out how...
Josh / 25-Mar-2010

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