Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Philosophy in Life

             Life is a series of examinations. There are times that you’ll pass because you have prepared for it. There will also be occasions when you’ll fail though you gave your best.  I believe that “choice” is vital in our day-to-day living. Everyday we are presented with situations which would require us to make decisions in life. We are given free-will to make our decisions in life, whether we are wise in choosing our path or foolish enough to take the road of destruction. We are given the “choice.”


             I have an existentialist’s perspective. Since I was in highschool, I always wondered about my purpose. I always seek for reasons why certain experience happen to people.  When I started my Masteral in Guidance and Counseling, I learned more about existentialism. I realized that I am more of an existentialist. I agree that we should be responsible for the decisions we make in life. We have a choice to every situation that are presented to us. Scott Peck mentioned in his book The Road Less Travelled that “Life is difficult.” I think it would be if we decide it to be. I am not certain if my argument is right in saying that it is not the difficulty in life that makes it hard to bear. It is in our reaction towards life that determines if it is difficult or not. We have the choice whether to make things difficult or hard for ourselves.  Thus, the choices we make in life create the difference in our everyday affairs.


             Life, in my perspective, is a university where we are given lessons and assignments, surprise quizzes and final examinations.  The disappointments and successes we encounter in our life is determined by our reactions. Life is a continuous education. If we are to make mistakes and learn from them, then we become educated in another fact of life. If we learn from other’s mistakes, then we are applying the theories of life. Either way, we are being educated because of the decision we make in our lives. Knowing or learning depends on our choices.


             Thus, wherever my decision in life leads me, I will be responsible for it.   /apd032005


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