Monday, September 8, 2008

Experience at The Feast


Life is a blessing. Indeed, it is a precious gift that has been given to any living creature on this planet. But it is quite interesting that some people would think that life is a curse and would rather reject it than exult its existence.


I had the privilege of attending the Feast and hearing the inspiring words of Bro. Bo Sanchez. After hearing mass and Bro. Bo's talk, I felt really blessed and spiritually nourished. It revived my  passion for my life's existence.  I missed it.... though I have been with God through these years, yet it feels really good having to praise and exult Him. Just to raise all my concerns to Him and know that He will bless all my plans.


It was an amazing experience for me since I have been thinking of so many things for the past weeks... my fears and frustrations. God wanted me to attend the Feast so He can let me know that He has not forgotten my plans and that He is taking it into consideration. My spirit was uplifted and I felt peace in my heart again. I am much happier now.... I just hope I can maintain the decision to be so... better yet, I am choosing to be happy. But if I forget, please tap me at the back gently and remind me that happiness is a decision we make in our lives.


Be blessed always...

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