Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wishful Thinking

My thoughts wander while I was waiting for your call,
I have not heard from you since the last time we spend time together.
I kept asking myself why .... what happened?
Have I wronged you in any way?
I cannot understand why you have not called,
I felt we had a connection then,
I thought you felt the same way as I did,
That you felt something special about us.
From the moment I first saw you,
I knew that you are special.
I began engraving your name in my heart,
And I have imprinted your face in my mind.
I believe things happen for a reason,
Meeting you was a part of my destiny.
I do not know where this feeling would lead me ... us
One thing I do understand that you have opened
Another chapter in my book of life .....
I hope that this chapter would have a happy ending,
But it is wishful thinking, I guess.
I feared that things would come to this;
You have began a new chapter in my life,
And now you are ending it so suddenly.
I could only wish our ending would be different,
That I could still inscribe memories of us in my heart.
I only hope that someday,
When you look back in your life,
You would remember this person
Who felt something special about you.....

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