Saturday, August 16, 2008

Painful Memories

Thank you for hurting me....
For making my life a living hell,
For making me feel miserable,
For not being there when I needed to be comforted,
For not supporting me during my lowest point in life,
For not understanding me when I needed to be understood,
For lying to me when I needed your honesty,
For disregarding me when I needed to feel worthy,
For not loving me when I needed to be loved,
For not being a friend when I needed a friend the most.
Because during those times you were not there,
Those days when you left me alone and hurting,
Those dark and sleepless nights I had to go through.
For enduring all those painful moments....
It was the time I found strength in me,
The time I realized I'm strong,
The time I knew myself better,
The time I found God.
Joshapd 12/26/2002

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